Gregory Optical Contacts

Dr. Sawyer is able to fit all types of lenses for almost every situation. This includes myopia (nearsighted), hyperopia (farsighted), astigmation, presbyopia (bifocals or near vision needs), irregular corneas (keratacornius, post-surgical, transplants), and dry eyes. We also do special fits for myopia control or corneal reshaping.

Contact lenses are a great way to see clearly and be free of glasses. They can be worn full time, overnight, or just on special occasions. Soft contacts can be disposable on a daily, bi-weekly or monthly basis, depending on your prescription.

There have been lots of technological advancements over the years. Whether you have astigmatism, need bifocals, have had LASIK, are nearsighted, farsighted or even have dry eyes; there are lenses we can use to enable you to see clearly and comfortably. There are also lenses to allow you to see during the day without glasses, contacts, or surgery; just by wearing these special corneal reshaping lenses at night while you sleep!

Doctor Sawyer specializes in difficult to fit contact lens wearers. He is especially experienced in the hybrid contact lenses, specifically SynergEyes/Duette/UltraHealth. These are contact lenses which combine the superior optics of rigid materials along with the comfort and centration of soft lenses. For many people, this lens will give them the best vision they have ever experienced. This is what Dr. Sawyer wears.

Topography (mapping of the corneal surface) is utilized in determining the best fit possible with contact lenses. Whether that is a daily disposable contact lens or a custom designed specialty lens – fit equals comfort and clear vision.

If you have given up on contacts in the past or been told you can’t wear them, it may be time to get another opinion.

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