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The success and happiness of our patients with their glasses is due to the teamwork of Doc and Mike. Doc provides the best Rx and Mike the best lens.

Picking out glasses takes more skill than just choosing a frame you like. Each of us has a face shape which will dictate some designs over others. Do you want your glasses to be understated or show your personality? How you wear your glasses is important. Do you sit at a computer or work outside? Are you active in sports? Do you fish, hunt, ride bike/motorcycle? Do you wear them only to read, or do you need them drive…… Whatever the need, we’ll design the lens that fits the real you.

Gregory Optical is proud of the assortment and quality of our frames and use only the finest lens in making your prescription order. We will back our work with a two (2) year guarantee. That is the best around.

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We are a proud designer of Zeiss Optical Lenses