During your comprehensive eye exam, Doctor Sawyer determines the health of your eyes and provides an RX if glasses are needed. Learn More.

Gregory Optical Services

Comprehensive Eye Exams

This preventative eye care exam (much like your yearly physical) is recommended at least once a year, depending on your health needs. In it, Dr. Sawyer will access the health of your eyes and also your best visual acuity to provide you with an Rx for glasses if needed. Learn More.

Contact Lens Examinations

This is a separate exam solely for the purpose of matching contact lenses that will work best for your visual and comfort needs. Learn More.

LASIK Vision Consultations

At Gregory Optical, Dr.Sawyer will help you determine if you are a good candidate for LASIK. He'll also provide you with information about your options and outcomes. Learn More.

Surgeon Referrals

If your eye conditions require surgical intervention, Doctor Sawyer has a number of excellent specialists or surgeons that he feels confident in their ability to give you the specialized care that's needed. Learn More.

Post Operative Care

After your surgery, Doctor Sawyer will continue with the monitoring and care of your eyes and vision. Learn More.

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