Comprehensive Eye Exam


Eye examinations are key to the best vision.

Doctor Sawyer covers two main areas in his examinations. First, is to determine the health of your eyes along with your health history. If you don’t start with a good evaluation of the eye health, you aren’t investing in your long term best vision. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and smoking are some of the factors to consider. Second, is the refraction portion which will give you your prescription for a pair of glasses if you need them.

Gregory Optical utilizes the latest technology, which includes computer assisted refractions with the Nidek OPD Scan, to obtain the most accurate glasses and contact lens prescription. It includes analysis to determine vision demands in both daylight and nighttime driving conditions. We also have panoramic imaging to monitor eye health (retina pictures) if needed or simply for a baseline (similar to dental x-rays). The latest technologies for measuring eye pressure (glaucoma) are also utilized to help insure that we know as much about your eyes and vision as we can.

Dr. Sawyer will consult with you on the frequency you may need to be seen if monitoring a particular eye condition, as well as the time between regular exams.

Gregory Optical accepts most health insurance plans as well as specific vision plans such as VSP and EyeMed. Please let us know what you have when making your appointment.

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